Our Fellows

Shaddin Almasri

Key expertise:
  • refugee policy differentiation
  • refugee labour inclusion
  • nationality-based aid
  • jordan compact

Dr. Dr. Seth Christopher Yaw Appiah

Key expertise:
  • Gender intersectionality
  • Migrant and Refugee Health
  • Displacement and Climate mobilities, and Human Trafficking
  • Health Ethics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
  • Social Protection
  • Human Right and Sexuality Law
  • Social Medicine
  • HIV and Adolescent Health
  • Population and Public Health

Dr. Ayar Ata

Key expertise:
  • Front line migration integration consultant, adviser, advocate, linguist, and freelance social researcher in England

Bojana Babic

Key expertise:
  • Migration and refugee studies
  • urban anthropology
  • economic anthropology

Prof. Dr. Bezen Balamir Coşkun

Key expertise:
  • Human security of refugees and migrants
  • Gender and Forced Migration
  • Women Peace and Security Agenda

Asresahegn Birhanu Gelaw

Key expertise:
  • refugee integration
  • durable solutions
  • refugee-host community conflict
  • IDP

Dr. Jorge Morales Cardiel

Key expertise:
  • Researcher of forced migration in transit through Mexico

Prof. Dr. Saniye Dedeoglu

Key expertise:
  • Gender
  • Migration
  • Labour

Dr. Evan Easton-Calabria

Evan Easton-Calabria is a Senior Researcher at the Feinstein International Center, Tufts University, in Boston, USA, and a Research Associate at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Merve Erdilmen

Key expertise:
  • Refugee-led organizations
  • gender
  • gender equality
  • refugee protection

Dr. Feriha Nazda Güngördü

Key expertise:
  • migration studies
  • refugee studies
  • urban studies

Dr. Osama Hazzi

Key expertise:
  • Micro-Organizational Behavior
  • Migration and Integration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sustainability
  • Research Methods

Dr. Palash Kamruzzaman

Key expertise:
  • international development
  • knowledge production
  • refugees and displacement
  • global South
  • politics of development
  • participation in policymaking
  • civil society and extreme poverty

Prof. Dr. Aysegul Kayaoğlu

Key expertise:
  • Economics of migration
  • gender
  • labor economics
  • informal institutions
  • conflict

Dr. Gülay Kilicaslan

Gülay Kilicaslan is a political sociologist holding a PhD from the Department of Sociology at York University, Canada. Her dissertation examines the impacts of forced displacement on the dynamics of political mobilisation in the context of Kurdish contentious politics.

Aino Korvensyrjä

Aino Korvensyrjä war Gastwissenschaftlerin am CHREN der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg, im Rahmen des FFVT-Projekts. Sie promoviert in Sozialwissenschaften (Sozialanthropologie) an der Universität Helsinki, Finnland. Ihre Dissertation untersucht Konflikte um Gesetzesvollzug im deutschen Asyl- und Abschieberegime aus der Perspektive migrantischer Kämpfe.

Dr. Daniel Mekonnen

Key expertise:
  • International Human Rights
  • International Refugee Law
  • Diaspora & Migration Studies

Dr. Khangelani Moyo

Key expertise:
  • Migration and Refugee Studies
  • Migrant Space
  • Migrant Transnationalism
  • Migrant and Refugee Integration

Abdirahman A. Muhumad

Key expertise:
  • forced migration, refugees, IDPs
  • migration policy
  • migration and development
  • diaspora studies
  • climate change
  • GS GN research collaboration and knowledge production

Anila Noor

Anila Noor is a refugee-activist and researcher. She is founder and managing director of “New Women Connectors”, a refugee womenled movement, that aims to empower refuges and (im)migrants, and she is also a steering Board Member of the Global Refugee-led Network Co-founder of European Coalition (GRN).

María Gabriela Trompetero Vicent

Key expertise:
  • Forced migration
  • migration governance
  • processes of categorization of people on the move