Dr. Osama Hazzi

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  • he has launched and manages FrontiersToday (https://frontierstoday.com/), where he serves as Editor-in-Chief
Hosting institute
German Institute of Development and Sustainability
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Doctorate 2015, Damascus University

Master 2011, Damascus University

Postgraduate Diploma 2005, Damascus University

Bachelor 2004, Damascus University

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Q1. Who are you?

My name is Osama Hazzi and I am a Vienna-based Syrian doctorate holder from Damascus University with academic experience in Austria (e.g., Postdoc at the University of Vienna) and publications in Springer/SAGE/Emerald. Currently, I am a Visiting Researcher (online) at Carleton University, Canada.

Q2. What was your motivation for applying for the FFVT fellowship? Why Germany?

What pulled me toward FFVT fellowship is the opportunity to work with researchers from diverse cultures on migration and integration and to gain a further foothold in the international research community. I also visited Germany for a conference and liked the country.

Q3. What do you expect from the fellowship?

I hope I will be able to publish a mini state-of-the-art review with colleagues, as well as discover a means to work together on a longer-term basis.

Q4. What is the focus of your work, and what is innovative about it? / What are your planned outcomes and activities for the fellowship period? And how do they relate to your FFVT hosting institution/ the FFVT cooperation project?

My research idea focuses on refugee women entrepreneurship with a hope to contribute (with IDOS colleagues) to the literature that helps refugee women unemployed make self-sufficient and realize their labor market integration in the host countries.