Prof. Dr. Aysegul Kayaoğlu

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  • Istanbul Technical University
Hosting institute
Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies
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PhD in Economics, University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics

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Q1. Who are you?

My name is Aysegul Kayaoglu; I am an associate professor of economics at Istanbul Technical University. My research focuses on migration, labour economics and development economics. I am a first-generation academic and a proud mother of two wonderful girls.

Q2. What was your motivation to apply for the FFVT fellowship? Why Germany?

FFVT is one of the important networks of researchers working on migration. It is a great opportunity to be involved in this network to exchange ideas with researchers focusing on similar topics from different disciplinary approaches.

Q3. What do you expect from the fellowship?

I plan to develop my network and potential academic collaborations with researchers at IMIS and FFVT fellows across its member institutions. And thanks to the generous TUBITAK funding and perfectly welcoming IMIS facilities, I am able to focus on my research, so I hope to produce several research papers at the end of my fellowship.

Q4. What is the focus of your work, and what is innovative about it? / What are your planned outcomes and activities for the fellowship period? And how do they relate to your FFVT hosting institution/ the FFVT cooperation project?

I am currently doing research about the impact of ethnic concentration on the economic integration of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Türkiye and Germany, which is a question that has not been analysed empirically for the Global South that hosts almost 90 per cent of all the refugees in the world. My research outputs will also have important potential to shape the residential and economic integration policies in these countries regarding refugees. I plan to share my preliminary findings in international conferences and seminars while at IMIS to get feedback as much as possible before maturing my research outputs.