Promoting academic teaching with FFVT

Forced Migration and Refugee Studies has not been the subject of a dedicated degree programme at German universities so far. Some programmes carry the terms forced displacement or migration in their title (such as the MA Flucht, Migration und Gesellschaft at the KU Eichstätt or the MA International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants at the FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Besides that, certain aspects of the research field are included in individual, often interdisciplinary Master's programmes (particularly in migration and development research, peace and conflict research, social work and human rights). But there is no degree programme that is dedicated to Forced Migration and Refugee Studies in its full disciplinary and conceptual breadth. The same is true for universities and colleges in Europe, except for some British universities.

At the same time, universities all over Germany offer courses on topics of Forced Migration and Refugee Studies that build on current research and are in high demand among students. These offers are largely unconnected (and unknown outside of one's own university ) and exist side by side. Individual knowledge of academic staff remains solitary and limited to small groups of students.

FFVT promotes national and international networking of such programmes of study. It aims to develop translocal Master's programmes in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies. In the mid-term, we intend to increase the cooperation of graduate programmes that address topics of Forced Migration and Refugee Studies.

Beyond this, FFVT supports the networking of academic staff from different fields of study on topics of Forced Migration and Refugee Studies. This includes the exchange of experiences in (hybrid) teaching, successful teaching formats and, in the mid-term, the placement of practitioners from areas related to forced displacement outside academia as teachers for courses.

Interested in studying a Master’s programme related to refugee and forced migration studies in Germany? Here your find an overview (partly in German) (PDF-Download available, in German). Should we have overlooked your courses, please do not hesitate to write to us, and we will add them to our overview.

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